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    Need to change control panels Plesk vs CPanel?

    I'm currently hosting with ServInt and have been using DirectAdmin for last 4-5 years back in their DirectAdmin special days...

    I now have the need to use more updated php/apache/etc and haven't upgraded in a while and am being told that they no longer support DirectAdmin. So my choices are CPanel and Plesk.

    I don't host for other people and am using them mainly for my personal websites and endeavors. I need something that I don't have to babysit all day and has an easy learning curve. They also said I'd have to migrate my sites to one of the other VPS, which I assume I would have to do myself so if one of the packages has an easy to follow migration HOWTO from DirectAdmin to CPanel/Plesk that would be great too.
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    I think you should go with Cpanel. Cpanel is very easy to learn and I have found it very helpful.
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    cPanel should be good.

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    Go for Cpanel mate. cPanel is user friendly and the support is the best.

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    It's very easy to upgrade/update software on any DA server. You should take a look at:

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    Hello There

    I reccomend cPanel, personally I prefer DirectAdmin as its loads easyer to use but ive used cPanel and its cool

    - Many Thanks,

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    Quote Originally Posted by smtalk View Post
    It's very easy to upgrade/update software on any DA server. You should take a look at:
    I actually did find their CustomBuild script and tried it, but it bombs out with an error near the end. Something about SSL/Certs - I think my server is probably running too old of software it can't update what it needs.
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    I think Cpanel is the way to go with easy and user friendly features.
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    I like Cpanel, very friendly to learn how to use pretty much anything.

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    Since you are hosting your own sites, i would go for directadmin as it is lightweight especially on vps.

    guess you need to source for people to upodate your server software for you. Nothing is too old to be updated.

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