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    Best $59.99 dedicated server?

    I'm in search of an affordable dedicated server that will cost me $59.99/mo.

    My current server specs include:

    Plesk Panel: 9.2.2
    Linux 2.6.9-023stab048.6-smp
    Dual-Core AMD Opteron 2216 HE
    80gb HD (I'd like dual HD's, possibly larger)
    1.2GB memory

    This is on a VPS I've had since 2007.

    I'm since that in 2 years the prices for a dedicated are better, and can hopefully accomdiate my above hardware.

    Can someone post reputable dedicated server companies that offer $59.99/mo packages?

    Thanks, and I appreciate it!

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    Just keep in mind you may be downgrading by moving to a low end Dedicated from a Mid to High end VPS.
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    You'll have a hard time getting a control panel at that budget.

    Do you need management as well? Any preferred server locations?

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    If you search Google for "low end dedicated server database" you'll find a website with a list of all known sub-US$50 dedicated servers and 2Gb RAM or more VPSs complete with mini-reviews. It should be easy to choose your poison as it were from that.

    Also for that price range the only people with dual HD's is 1&1 to my knowledge.

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    115 - You may find somthing for your needs from Joe.

    Check it out, May help

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