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    Wordpress plugin slow update on VPS?

    Not sure how many have noticed this, but personally I have seen that when ever I try to update a plugin automatically on my Cpanel VPS, it takes a lot of time to do that and at times the plugin update fails (used to happen at my earlier vps host as well).

    However on my blog on the shared hosting server, not only is it lightning fast, but it also doesn't asks for FTP password and never fails!

    Now that particular blog has been on two different shared hosting account and once on my earlier vps as well and in case of vps, the same issue prevailed.

    Does any one knows why this happens and if there is a way to fix that? Wondering because these days the wordpress plugin developers are releasing updates like crazy and it becomes really tedious to update each blog, one by one.

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    There's nothing about VPS vs shared hosting that should make either one faster to update plugins. I'd guess from this:
    Quote Originally Posted by bcmtouring View Post
    but it also doesn't asks for FTP password and never fails!
    that you're comparing shared hosts where PHP runs as your user (suPHP, phpsuexec etc) vs. running PHP as an Apache module on your VPSs. Running mod_php you'll need to use ftp for updates because the Apache user doesn't have sufficient privileges to write to your plugins directory.

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    Now that makes sense, all this while I was wondering if it was due to Fantastico being present on my shared account and being absent on my vps! Thanks Chris.

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