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    mysql partition full - symlink?

    Hey guys. My /tmp is completely full.. I know this is where mysql stores its databases. Someone told me once before it's possible to symlink it to something on another partition / so no code or anything has to change. Ever heard of this? any help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks!

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    I thinks you should umount your /tmp partition.
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    Yes, you can symlink mysql database files or folders, but unless you've done something bizarre in your my.cnf configuration, databases should not be in /tmp

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    MySQL does not store databases in /tmp, however it does occasionally use it for temporary space during complicated queries. A full /tmp can cause MySQL to be unhappy.

    Rather than trying to figure out how to make more room on /tmp, you should probably be looking to see *why* /tmp is so full. The point of /tmp is for *temporary* storage, so if some large files are stuck there for a long time then it is usually an issue elsewhere on your server.

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    If you have a pretty large data set it's possible your /tmp partition is just too small, create a new directory mysql can write to on a bigger partition and define tmpdir in mySQL (you will need to restart mySQL as this is a read only var).
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