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25% Discount!!!
All new clients who sign up and use the coupon code "october2009" during the checkout process will receive an automatic 25% off on a one-time basis on top of any other automatic discounts! Should you order a year or more this 15% discount will apply on top of the automatic 15% discount for the term! Offer valid 10/01/09 to 10/31/09. Limit 1 promotion per order, not valid with any other offer. Promotion valid for new customers only.

LiteSpeed Powered Hosting

LiteSpeed is up to 9 times faster than Apache web hosting, processes PHP 50% faster, and 3 times faster than SSL Apache Hosting. LiteSpeed hosting fully supports .htaccess, mod_rewrite, and everything else that Apache is well known for - if your site works on an Apache host it will work even better and faster on our LiteSpeed based solutions!

R1Soft Continuous Data Protection

When you host with MDDHosting, your data is safe! We protect all shared, reseller, semi-dedicated, and virtual private servers with R1Soft Continuous Data Protection as far back as 3 months! Should you accidentally delete a file or an update to your site goes wrong you can restore any file to any time as far back as 3 months without even having to request support! We will restore files for you at no-charge should you want the support staff to do restorations for you!

Are you tired of empty promises?

Your customers will not wait for your site to load and they will not come back later when your server is not busy. Unlike our competitors we do not offer the world for pennies and we do not cram as many accounts as possible onto a single server. In the hosting industry you generally get what you pay for and we offer a premium service to businesses and individuals that require the most reliable hosting to serve their customers. When we make you a promise, we keep it.

With another host?

No problem! We will take care of everything necessary to transfer you to our servers free of charge. Just sit back and relax as we take care of all of the work for you. We have a tremendous amount of experience at transferring all types of sites from all types of providers and if we are unable to transfer your account to us, we will refund your money.


All of our hosting plans carry an unconditional hassle-free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, a 99.9% uptime guarantee as well as a disk space and bandwidth availability guarantee. We also guarantee that our support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you encounter any problems.

Looking for a high quality reseller plan?

Free Client Billing and Support System! (A $15.95/month value!)

WHMCS is the complete all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for Web Hosts & Other Online Businesses. Packed with features but with a core focus on remaining easy to use and customise, WHMCS enables you to easily and effectively manage your business. It also automates many routine tasks including invoicing, order provisioning, suspensions, and more. Highlights include:
  • Automated Recurring Billing & Simple One Time Invoicing
  • Flexible Product Options, Custom Welcome Emails, Fields & Options
  • Automated Hosting/Domain Provisioning & Management
  • Payment Tracking, Accounting Features & Statistical Reports
  • Easy to Use Client Area with Integrated Support Tools
  • Fully Customisable Client Area with a Powerful Templating System
  • Development Kits, Action Hooks & an API for integrating & extending

Basic Reseller Plan - Learn More!
* 25,000 MB Disk Space
* 250,000 MB Transfer
* LiteSpeed Powered!
* cPanel, Fantastico, PHP5, MySQL5
* Off-server backups: 28 daily restoration points (4 per day for 7 days) - This protects all accounts on your reseller plan!
* Off-server backups: 12 weekly restoration points (3 months!) - This protects all accounts on your reseller plan!

* 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
* 24/7 Support with 99.9% Uptime

$20.83/month billed yearly - Save up to $44.04!
$24.50/month billed monthly - Order Now! or Learn More!

Intermediate Reseller Plan - Learn More!
* 50,000 MB Disk Space
* 500,000 MB Transfer
* LiteSpeed Powered!
* cPanel, Fantastico, PHP5, MySQL5
* Off-server backups: 28 daily restoration points (4 per day for 7 days) - This protects all accounts on your reseller plan!
* Off-server backups: 12 weekly restoration points (3 months!) - This protects all accounts on your reseller plan!

* 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
* 24/7 Support with 99.9% Uptime

$42.08/month billed yearly - Save up to $89.04!
$49.50/month billed monthly - Order Now! or Learn More!

Advanced Reseller Plan - Learn More!
* 75,000 MB Disk Space
* 750,000 MB Transfer
* LiteSpeed Powered!
* cPanel, Fantastico, PHP5, MySQL5
* Off-server backups: 28 daily restoration points (4 per day for 7 days) - This protects all accounts on your reseller plan!
* Off-server backups: 12 weekly restoration points (3 months!) - This protects all accounts on your reseller plan!

* 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
* 24/7 Support with 99.9% Uptime

$63.33/month billed yearly - Save up to $134.04!
$74.50/month billed monthly - Order Now! or Learn More!

Recent Client Testimonials - You can read more reviews of our services at RatePoint

Quote Originally Posted by A York
I've had hosting with MDDHosting since 16 Feb 2009. I currently have 4 sites hosted there. My experience with MDD has been very positive so far. The two issues I have had (not the hosts fault) were resolved very quickly. I highly recommend MDD to anyone who wants reasonably priced hosting with excellent support.
Quote Originally Posted by Anika
Fast response and knowledgeable staff. The servers are not overloaded like others and I'm quite happy with the service I paid for. -Anika
Quote Originally Posted by Udi Zisser
Since I have only good things to say I'll make it short... I would like to thank you personally for a great service.
I'm extremely pleased with your service. MDDHosting is not the first webhost I hosted with and I can say the support is one of the most important things to look at when selecting a webhost. I'm very impressed with the fast and professional support provided.
I'm also happy with the performance and reliability of the service. I was pleasantly surprised by the backup tools you provide which I did not expect at all.
I recommend MDDHosting with all my heart.

Thank you,
Udi Zisser
Pre-Sales Questions and Answers:

1. Do you outsource sales/support or is it all "in house"?
We do not outsource our sales or support and it is all performed "in house". Our servers are located in the United States as well as all members of our support staff.

2. What's the expected time for initial response on support issues and what's the average time until final resolution?
Our average initial response time is 10 minutes and our average time to final resolution is 20 minutes.

3. Are you selling from a reseller account?
Absolutely not - we have our own dedicated equipment to host our clients on in order to offer the best possible service and the fastest possible support times.

4. Where are your servers?
Our server equipment is located in Dallas, Texas in the SoftLayer Datacenter. SoftLayer provides On Demand IT Infrastructure backed by complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security.

5. What means of contact do I have, as a customer, to get in touch with your support team?
We offer support tickets, live chat, as well as a toll free support phone number for our clients to contact us.

6. Do you offer a money back guarantee? What are the conditions for eligibility?
We offer a 30-Day hassle free money back guarantee. Should you at any point during your first 30 days decide that we are not satisfying your needs please simply request account cancellation and you will be automatically refunded of all hosting fees.

7. Will I have access to a control panel? Which control panel do you offer?
You will have access to your own control panel. We use cPanel which is kept up to date with nightly updates.

8. Is the support free?
Support is absolutely free.

9. Is the support available 24/7, meaning is there always someone (awake) in front of a desktop ready to read and answer my questions? Is it also available by phone?
Our support is available 24/7 via support tickets and our phone support is available 7am to 4pm EST. Outside of our normal phone support hours voicemails left are automatically imported into our support ticket system so that your issues will still be resolved although you may not get a live person on the line.

10. How many websites do you put on a server?
Generally our servers have around 100 to 200 clients on them depending on the content and resource requirements of the individual accounts on the server. We always leave a fair amount of breathing room on our servers as we believe in quality over quantity. Over the last year our quad core servers have an average load of 0.8 to 1.2 which is excellent as most providers in our market keep their servers between 4 and 12 on average.

11. How fast will the account be created?
All accounts that pass our automatic fraud prevention methods are created instantly as soon as the first payment is received. In the event that you do not pass the automatic checks we will manually verify your order which usually takes less than an hour.

12. Is the account scalable? How does the upgrade occur? Is there a fee involved other than the higher monthly price?
You can upgrade your plan as needed and there is no fee for upgrades. When you upgrade you will simply pay the difference between your old plan and your new plan and we will take care of everything else for you. Should your needs go beyond that which we offer on our normal plans we can either create a custom plan for you or help you move to your own VPS or Dedicated server should the need arise.

13. Is there a daily bandwidth limit? How do you handle bandwidth overages?
There is not a daily bandwidth limit as we handle bandwidth on a monthly basis. Generally when you begin to approach your bandwidth limit we will contact you to either make arrangements to increase your bandwidth limit. We give the option to either upgrade your plan or to pay the overages at your discretion.

14. Are there any limits on file size? Can I use the hosting as a backup?
There are no limits on the size of files that you can host as long as the files that you host are legal in the United States. You can stream audio and/or video from your shared hosting account.

15. Is there a setup fee?
We do not charge a setup fee on any of our shared, reseller, or semi-dedicated hosting plans.

16. How many months do I have to pay in advance for?
You can pay monthly, quarterly, yearly, or once every two years. Our yearly and biennial plans are discounted 15% automatically before any additional promotions are applied. The 15% discount is automatic so you are welcome to sign up on a monthly basis and then at a later point upgrade to a yearly basis or longer to obtain the 15% discount.

17. Do you have a free trial so that I can test the service?
Due to the number of fraudsters/scammers that look for free accounts on quality providers to send out masses of email without making any payment for the service we do not offer free trials. We do offer a hassle-free money-back guarantee meaning that any time during your initial 30 days should you decide to cancel your account we will refund all hosting fees without question. We've been in business since 2007 and we have built a solid reputation for being honest and trustworthy.

18. Do you allow adult content to be hosted on your servers?
We are a LiteSpeed Web Server based provider and due to the LiteSpeed Web Server End User License Agreement we cannot host pornography web sites however we can host sites that are simply adult-oriented. If you have any questions concerning this by all means please contact the sales department.

19. Will I have SSH access?
We can upon request provided Jailed SSH access.

20. Is there a limit on how many emails can be sent per hour?
We only allow 200 emails to be sent per hour from each domain on our server although if you need the ability to send more than 200 per hour we can raise your limit upon request and justification.

21. Do I have access to Raw logs? Do you have a traffic analyzer installed?
You will have access to raw logs and we do have Webalizer, AWStats, and Analog Stats installed on all of our servers.

22. What type of payments do you accept?
We accept Credit Cards and PayPal directly and we can accept payments via money order upon request.

23. Are your servers Magento Ecommerce Compatible?
Yes, every server we operate is compatible with Magento Commerce.

24. I want to run PHPMotion, is this allowed?
Our Semi-Dedicated plans have been optimized for PHPMotion and other YouTube clone type scripts however these scripts are not supported on our regular shared hosting plans.

25. There are thousands of hosts out there, why should I buy from you?
There are thousands of hosts out there that are all doing the same thing. They are all offering way more disk space and bandwidth than is feasible on a shared server in the hopes to lure in customers with big numbers. We do not play this numbers shell game. When we sell you disk space and bandwidth - it is yours and yours alone to use. Our support is top notch and our servers are not overloaded.

Visit us - http://www.mddhosting.com/

We look forward to the opportunity to serving you! Please contact us if you have any questions or need any further information.

Thank you for your time as it is very valuable,