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  1. #1 what kind of passive support they have ? what kind of passive support they have ? 48H without any progress ...
    i bought VPS three months back and i am avoiding to disturb their sleeping APAIC but this is the first issue i have with their support , my vps turned offline with out any known reason no billing ,no abusing emails ..etc ...

    no response ...

    is it normal with this LAND ???

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    Sorry to hear about your bad experience, 2 days without a response is not good.

    Did you try calling them? or other methods of support, email?


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    VPSLand is a DISASTER as far as support. Unless you can run as a default account...if you have ANYTHING where they need to configure that requires half a brain, they'll screw it up. I have set up an account in June, it is October and I've yet to receive a proper set-up, they screw it up yet again. Right now I am to a point where I demand a full refund, because there was NOT A SINGLE DAY in 4 months that we were running on their "hosting". We'll see how it goes.

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    I've heard quite a few bad stories about VPSland, including very slow VPS'... Sounds like they oversell to hell and back, then don't provide very good support :\

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    Sorry to hear about your experience. I've seen mixed reviews on VPSLand in the past few months. Do you have backups? It might be time to find a more reliable host that will give you great support.
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