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    LEVEL III system administrator

    Greg Borbonus C281) 636-3183
    1255 N Hwy 6, Houston Tx, 77084 [email protected]
    Born: February 3rd 1983
    Professional Profile

    • Managing a network of multiple servers(hfw, hostnine, and Explicit-hosting). I can’t give details, but many were over 1000 servers+.
    • Installation, configuration and manipulation of 3rd party software.
    • Scripting programmer(php, perl, bash, sh, javascript, html, mysql, css and .htaccess)
    • Daemon coding/debugging.
    • Custom Cpanel addon’s and hook setups.
    • I’ve worked with cpanel’s API system for use with custom solutions.
    • SSH logging and Server Security setups. • Troubleshooting(this is by far my best skill as I have worked to learn the necessary skills to obtain the ability to troubleshoot linux issues)
    • Server optimization. For networks with any number of servers, this has to be generalized to have servers with the same setup/configuration, and can heavily optimize servers for unique purposes as well.
    • SQL optimization and manipulation.
    • Advanced knowledge of the cPanel system, and scripts that are built into cPanel.
    • Specific skill in troubleshooting cPanel related issues.

    Professional Accomplishments
    • Web Hosting(both personal and for other companies.
    • Custom Development
    • Providing Technical support to clients and offering dedicated assistance to them.
    • Optimizing and managing Hostnine’s network.(server setup with over 100 shared servers and many dedicated servers throughout datacenters accross the world).
    • VPS management. This was done at hostforweb.
    • Advanced knowledge of cPanel systems, including development of utilities in bash for use by cPanel staff.
    • Advanced knowledge of Debugging cPanel and other software in a linux environment.
    • Limited knowledge of Windows Server development.
    • Managed all servers/sites on network
    • Logging and maintenance of other staff’s actions.
    • Configuration and general setup procedure for new servers and optimization techniques.
    • Work with customers directly to improve their experience.
    • Develop Custom Solutions for the network.
    • Maintain server uptime.
    • Work directly with the Data center(s) to correct any issue caused by something on their end.
    • Investigate any report of abuse provided.
    • Install and maintain any script/server software required.
    • Kernel optimizations.
    • Firewatch(which means that when a server gets overloaded, I must react to stop whatever is causing it.)
    • Develop monitoring software and such.
    • Develop scripts for server auditing and such. Something that I can run on one server and use that server to audit every other server.

    • DNS(Bind)
    • SSH/Bash Shell
    • Cpanel/WHM
    • Exim
    • Apache
    • APF (Advanced policy firewall, outdated now, I do like csf).
    • BFD (APF brute force detection system).
    • Iptables
    • WHM autopilot, whmcs, and modernbill.
    • Fantastico
    • Zend optimizer
    • Various Help Desk Software
    • Various Image gallery software
    • Content management software(joomla, php-nuke, mambo and others).
    • Forum software.
    • Php image manipulation software.
    • CSF(configserver Firewall and Security, which includes csf and lfd, lfd stands for login failure daemon).
    • Virtuozzo
    • OpenVZ
    • Other VPS types

    Operating Systems

    • RedHat Enterprise Linux 3
    • RedHat Linux 9
    • Fedora Core 2 and 3
    • CentOS 3,4 and 5
    • FreeBSD
    • Windows(very limited).

    Work History (anyone of the previous employers may be contacted).
    Owner Explicit-Hosting, Warren,Oh Personal company, 01/03-06/08
    Level 1-2 Technician Hostforweb, Chicago IL 08/07-3/08
    Level 3/Server admin/Tech Mgr. Hostnine, Houston Tx. 3/08-12/08
    Level 2 Technical analyst(diagnose issues relating to cPanel software on Linux OS) Cpanel, Houston,Tx 1/09-6/09
    Responsibilities per job
    Explicit Hosting
    • Server security, including OS patches, control panel updates, filesystem manipulation to prevent hacks, monitoring servers for possible intrusion, custom software patches, installation/upgrade/maintenance of firewall and brute force detection software.
    • Server stability and functionality. Develop custom utilities for managing tasks. Due to the number of possible mistakes that can be made, I rewrote key commands to prevent things such as accidental removal of important directories and other possible accidents. I wrote custom commands to make commands that were very long, very short, to prevent mistakes.
    • Custom development of scripts for whm/cpanel. I developed scripts that would allow you to perform certain things from whm, that normally would require ssh access. The scripts I write for such things, are secured to the point that only root access will allow
    • Custom development of php applications for the site. Which included development of an uptime system, allowing the customers the ability to see the server load at any given time.
    • Custom php development tools for customers. This was done for clients who requested certain things that normally would not be able to be done without ssh/root access. The scripts were made to allow the user to setup things such as shoutcast, without root access.
    • Custom daemon development. I developed daemons which would show a user they were blocked by the server before blocking them. Then they could email the email on the page, which would then unbann them, as they were a legit person.
    • Many other projects were done, all of which were custom and designed in perl/php or bash. The output was html when necessary, and none of the scripts ran with root access, and went through extensive abuse to see if they could be hacked before making them public.
    • Using Virtuozzo and OpenVZ, maintain a small network of VPS systems

    • Resolve issues over the ticket system(level 1 and 2).
    • Answer clients over the phone, and if possible, resolve the issue.
    • Perform security checks when necessary to the entire network
    • Answer clients and fix basic problems over live chat
    • Monitor servers using their monitor script, and perform network wide commands when security needs required.
    • Train level 1 technicians on issues they were not familiar with.
    • Maintain VPS systems(Virtuozzo) and client issues with said VPS systems
    • Secure, update and maintain backups of VPS network.

    • Answer tickets using Kayako(level 1,2,3)
    • Answer Live Chat when needed and/or requested
    • Answer the Phones for clients when needed and/or requested.
    • As the technical manager, it was my responsibility to make sure everyone was performing their job as required, as well as train those on issues they were unable to resolve.
    • Resolve issues related to billing unless they required ops mgr approval.
    • Perform security updates, audits and network checks throughout the network
    • Resolve any issue not able to be resolved by other techs
    • Create custom solutions such as an audit check system for the entire network, which was previously done manually. I created a script to audit the entire network, which allowed me to do other things while it was running.
    • 24/7/365 Emergency contact, and resolve any issue that was an emergency
    • Create a custom solution to actively monitor the other techs while in SSH.(you can tail a file, and it will show you every key stroke, as they make it).
    • Communicate with unhappy/unsatisfied clients, and do what is necessary to resolve their complaint/issue.
    • Monitor the clients testimonials/feedbacks to make sure they are getting the service required.
    • Monitor/maintain and develop tools and utilities for the network of servers which spanned accross datacenters and countries(England, US, China).

    • Resolve issues using their support ticket system(custom).
    • Answer phones when needed(when a level 1 could not resolve their issue or I was specificly asked for).
    • Create custom solutions for common problems. Example: I created a bash based script which replicated chkservd's functionality. When chkservd had an issue, running my script would tell you where it was, and log all details to help easily determine the causeof the issue.
    • Write web based applications for within the network. I was asked to develop a script (accessed within the cPanel office network), that would allow the person to write the daily meeting logs, and other scripts as well.
    • Train level 1's on issues they could not resolve.
    • On my shift, there was no level 3, so it was my responsibility to resolve any issue, if possible. Only if I could not resolve the issue was I to escalate to level 3.
    • Reproduce issues and repair them on our OpenVZ and Virtuozzo servers.


    48K minimum desired.

    Negotiable, depending on responsibilities and duties.

    References are available upon request.

    Please contact via e-mail for more information.

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    I've worked with Greg in the past and can attest that his technical knowledge is simply amazing. In my experience there was never a problem that Greg couldn't find an answer to. Definitely a good investment!
    Nick Hudson - Prevail Host LLC -
    Premium Quality cPanel Hosting Services - CloudLinux, LiteSpeed & SSD
    WHMControl - Secure Your Server Logins & Automate Password Changes

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    We have a posting open for a PT entry level position, telecommute. It's for Arizona residents but for a desirable candidate we may be willing to accept a 1099 in other regions.

    Please see . You can e-mail your resume to jobs [ a t ]

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    I am bumping this thread, as I wanted to change the criteria to part-time, unless fulltime meets the following criteria:

    A non-compete must not be signed.
    The hours would be 9-5 CST
    I will be working for another company part time, but this will not, in any way, get in the way of my work.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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