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    Best FS for millions of pictures

    we are running a huge picture site, where ppl can upload partypics and serve it to others.

    I bought a new Fileserver, 12x1TB sata-hdd, with raid 6 on a 3ware controller, and XFS as filesystem. This Server is Backend for 2 Varnish Cache-Servers.

    The Fileserver has around 12Million pictures on it, in dif. Formats. (8kbs - 250kbs) and on Peak around 4000 ppl.
    I wonder if XFS is the best FS for this environment, because the server still has a lot I/O Wait (like 30-50%).

    What do you use?


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    I would like to know also, considering Fileserver with 12 disks also, just with Raid10 instead.
    Busy, busy, busy

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    well , a bit of google got me here: - Managed Hosting Solutions 2004 - 2016

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