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Thread: cpanel question

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    cpanel question


    I have created teh new account using cpnel and when I try using
    IP doesn't work.

    this is what I tried.

    http://ipadddress/~username, It is going to 404 error page.
    What I am missing in the configuration.


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    Is directory browsing turned off?
    Is there an index.html placeholder page in the skel directory?

    There's two possible causes.

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    Try changing the theme.
    if that does not work, try recreating the account.
    CPanel often makes mundane tasks very intersting ;-)

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    The theme?

    I'm not quite sure how the theme would be invovled with his problem.

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    Some themes might be corrupted. Your first/index/main page ( the page that you see immediately on logging in to CPanel) might have got corrupted/renamed or might not be there.

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    Hi Glen,

    I had same problem and worked as you suggested.

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