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    Kid lives on the edge,2933,558860,00.html

    Wyoming police say an 11-year-old boy driving a large SUV led officers on a high speed chase reaching speeds of 100 mph.

    Bureau of Indian Affairs police say the chase started about 3 a.m. Tuesday near Riverton in central Wyoming and ended about 50 miles away near Crowheart on the Wind River Reservation.

    The boy ditched the vehicle and jumped into a lake and began swimming but returned to shore where police collared him.

    BIA Special Agent in Charge Charles Addington says that alcohol was involved and that charges were pending in juvenile court.
    if anything, a drunk 11 year old at 100mph can manage not to crash and kill himself, that's just amazing. stupid, but amazing

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    Now thats crazy...

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    oh That's so kewl.
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