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    WHM Backups - Question

    I have a dedicated box running centos 5.I have 2 X 320 hard disks and i have asked my server management guys, psm to setup daily whm backups into my second hard drive.

    Here is my question,is the whm backup a reliable backup method ? i have only 1 account on the server . are all files backed up,including my mysql database ?

    here is something i read at the psm tos page.

    "Please note, the backup utility is known to stop without notice at times, therefore it is absolutely necessary and extremely important that you check the backup files on a frequent and regular basis to make sure that the backups are up to date and have not stopped being created"

    psm works only with whm/cpanel and i guess the utility they are referring to is the whm backup tool.

    by the way,i also plan to keep on using mysqldump regularly and download a copy to my home pc.
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    Regardless of what backup method you have, you should always check them on a regular basis. The whm backups are reliable but this is just a precautionary notice. Most people never check their backups and then find they broke for some reason months later when they need them.
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    Exactly, WHM backups are reliable and most of the hosts using it. But you need to make sure that cpbackup is running n the server and it is updated regulary without any issues.

    WHM backups will be easy to restore and provide backup to clients too

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    You should also received emails that your backup was completed, encountered problems, etc., but as they said, it is always better to check your backups regularly and have multiple backups may it be local or remote.


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