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    IGINU Design Layout #1 - For Sale

    Design Layout #1


    Iginu has made its entrance into the market of designs. As our site is being completed, we have decided to start selling some pre-made templates. Our first template for sale was created by our resident head of designs, Thomas Butters. When you buy designs from Iginu you get much more than a great design at a nice price. You get 3 months of support, editable files, and a guarantee that your template is yours, meaning it will never be resold unless you decide to sell it yourself. This design has it all. Elegance, style, sophistication…Heck, it even has Flash. The design comes with fully editable images (PSD, UFO), an optional fully editable Flash image (.fla may be purchased for $25, or it may otherwise be changed by Iginu to your specifications), and a pre-coded HTML main page.

    If you skimmed through the above, here is a recap of what you get:

    PSD, UFO Editable Files
    FLA Editable Files for $25
    HTML Main Page Coded
    Reselling Rights
    3 Months Support From Designer

    Buy It Now for $200.
    ’Bidding’ may start at $100, and ends Friday, the 22nd of November at 8:59pm, PST.

    Design Layout #1

    AIM: dreamHOBO
    ICQ: 78977361
    MSN: [email protected]
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    All bids may be placed in this thread. I will post a update if a bid or purchase is made otherwise. Payment may be made through PayPal, which accepts credit cards, bank transfers, and similar forms. Please keep this thread clean, as I have tried to do the same with this first post.

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    You want how much for this?

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    I personally wouldnt pay $100 for something that misspells
    "guaranteed", hint, hint

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    Hey dreamHOBO: You are a typical youngster, lets look at the corner; "design by" I hope you have permission.
    Ricky Lipe
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    Originally posted by dreamHOBO
    Hey Shoney,
    Thanks for the good 'ole insult. 2 and a half hours? I would have expected faster.

    You obviously aren't buying this, so why do you care the price?
    Your right DreamHOBO, my bad for stepping on your thread. I appologize! Should of just let this one slip on by (eg... hitting the back button!) *hits head on keyboard*

    I wasn't really flaming you though. I just found your asking price a bit high. IMHO

    Good Luck

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