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    Setup Own DNS Resolvers?

    Does anyone know how to setup my OWN DNS resolvers?
    I have 2x cPanel DNS only machines and am now setting up my own VPS. I would like to use my OWN dns servers rather than my datacentres resolvers.

    So in my /etc/resolv.conf - I want my own 2x cPanel DNS servers

    How do I do this? When i change over it does not work, added the VPS IP to the firewall, still nothing.

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    It seems you are missing the 'allow-query' or 'allow-recursion' entries inside the 'named.conf' file or these two enries are not properly configured.

    I hope this helps.
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    The default config used by cpanel now has recursion turned off. You need to turn it on. Make sure you limit it to your server ips otherwise anyone will be able to use it. There is also the risk of dns amplification attacks.

    What you need to do is modify the recursion entries like this

    allow-recursion {;;};
    Adding your server ips.

    You also need to make sure your bind is configured to act as a caching nameserver.
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