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    Exclamation IGXHost - DNS Cluster Migration and Reconfiguration

    DNS Cluster Migration and Reconfiguration - To Be Scheduled

    As you may know, we've suffered from a lot of issues that were DNS related. These issues were found to be caused by our DNS Cluster that was unfortunately configured incorrectly during the transfer of our servers to our new nodes at our Chicago datacenter. Users have been experiencing interruptions with service and other related DNS issues which made websites unavailable at certain times. Throughout the course of the past two weeks we've been working hard with our clients to resolve every possible issue.

    To avoid any further interruptions and DNS issues, we will be moving our current DNS cluster configuration to a much better infrastructure. The new configuration should resolve all the issues and prevent any serious DNS issues to occur in the future as well. Our DNS Cluster will be setup on four different servers in four different datacenters across North America. This new cluster configuration will ensure DNS redundancy for all of our servers once set up.

    Impact on clients:
    During this transfer and reconfiguration of the DNS cluster, the best practices will be carried out by our team of engineers and technicians to help minimize downtime and interruptions to as little as possible. It has been carefully planned so that any interruptions will be minimal or even un-noticable. We have hired DNS experts for this specific task.

    Possible cause of interruptions is caused by the changes of the IP address of our primary and secondary nameserver: and Please note that only the IPs of these nameservers will change and not the actual nameservers themselves. If you're pointing your domain to our nameservers you should not notice much interference in service at all. However, our reseller clients may notice some slight downtime or interference in service if you're using private or custom nameservers. You will need to change the IPs for your registered NS1 and NS2 nameservers to match our new IPs.

    The transfer and reconfiguration of our DNS cluster is not yet scheduled yet. This notice was to give a brief introduction and notification as to what will be coming up. It will take place during the week but we will notify our clients once more in regards to this issue once we have a finalized date of when this is going to take place.

    If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this please submit a ticket to our support department.

    Once again, we want to apologize for any inconveniences caused by our previous issues. We hope that this upcoming procedure will be as seamless as possible.

    I will personally continue to update this thread with the additional e-mail notification and updates in regards to this procedure by posting here.

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    We have completed the configuration of our new DNS cluster.

    We have sent out e-mails to all active clients containing all the details.

    Please update your nameservers to the new corresponding IPs as soon as possible to avoid any possible interruptions in service.

    Thank you.

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