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    Fully managed server vs Unmanaged with a server managed company

    Hello I am looking to upgrade my hosting reseller account to a dedicated server. I have never had a dedicated server so managing it would be what I am looking for. Would I be better off purchasing a fully managed server from a single company or going with an unmanaged server and finding a server management company. I was looking at companies like, gigenet, softlayer, etc. Also is it difficult to move accounts if they are all cpanel. I have about 300 accounts and would need to move them all to the new server. Thank you.

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    To be honest, I would go with a managed server from say gigenet + add on a server management companies plan.

    I find many of the fully managed server companies do not upgrade servers unless its asked for by a client, or if they do do it its done a long time after a patch is released.

    By going with a management company that is PROACTIVE about security you know you are going to be secure with the added piece of mind that if your server goes down and your management company and your datacenter will work at getting it online.

    Moving from a reseller can be difficult, depending on the conditions of your existing hosts server.
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    It is much better to get a Managed server and to focus on business only. Managed Hosting is 20% - 50% more expensive on average but it works. I would suggest you to contact a few web hosting providers and to ask for quote.
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    I'd have to agree with Steven on the whole about keeping the two separate.

    However you do get some benefits from an all in one service, as they then are in control of the hardware/network as well to at least some degree.

    It's not particularly difficult to move accounts, but with a reseller account it certainly can be.

    Do you have root access on the current server ?

    300 is quite a large number, so you may need to pay for the migration and then a monthly management fee or get it all from the one provider.

    I presume this is USA ?

    What sort of server specs are you after plus what's your budget for management ?
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    Whats an acceptable budget for you?

    Your best option would be to go with an unmanaged server and adding mananged solution on top of your unmanaged server.

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    Since you never managed a server I think you should get an unmanaged solution and then add with that a management provider like platinumservermanagement.

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    I was looking at the Gigenet Intel Xeon 5504. My budget for the server is around 230-250 and was thinking about platinumservermanagement. All of my accounts are very small most less than 50mb. And yes I want a server in US. How many days before should I get the server if I want to move before Nov. 1? Thank you

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    It not at all difficult to move the accounts if its on Cpanel and as you said the accounts are below 50 MB they should be transferred fast. Check Under WHM Transfers option you will see Copy an account from another server and thats it.
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    If you are wanting to move before Nov 1, I would suggest a week or so to move. It will take a day or so to move the accounts but then going through each account takes time. You don't want to get to Nov. 1 and still have a bunch of problems.

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    Truth be told, people here are going to recommend a solution that is more inline with their best interest. For example, some will recommend a third party firm when they offer the same service themselves. Others will recommend to purchase management from the same provider when they're fully managed providers themselves.

    Either option can be as bad depending on the provider. Some managed firms provide a horrible service. The same applies to third party server management. This is one those gray areas where you, as the leader of your firm, will have to do some research. It takes a lot of time searching through the forum and google. But the outcome will be rewarding for you and clients.

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    I would recommend to buy *unamananed* server and then hire some sys-admin to secure server and do some updates/monitoring.

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    Yes I fully agree with HostingSoftawre, you should better go to unmanaged server and hire system-admin for it.
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    I would agree

    Definatley start with a small managed host or reseller program until you build enough client base to justify a dedicated server.

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