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    which is better - i7 920 or i7 860?

    Which one is better for cPanel hosting? I don't know what makes the 2 different and what are the advantage and disadvantages of both processor. But in totality which is better if I can get both of them in the same price?
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    Well, someone can correct me if any of this is wrong...

    The 920 works on the X58 chipset. As the advantages would apply to a server (maybe):
    -It supports triple-channel memory although I have no idea whether typical website stuff will actually take advantage of all 3 channels (maybe someone else does). You'd need either 3 or 6 memory sticks in there to fully utilize it.
    -Assuming the motherboard it's on has 6 memory sockets (2 per channel), a potential advantage is it's easier to get more RAM on there. From what I remember of my own (enthusiast, not server) motherboard, can stick 6x4GB sticks for a total of 24GB of RAM although due to chipset limitations (in my case anyway), it'll only access up to 23GB of it.

    The 860 works on the P55 chipset I believe.
    -Assuming Turbo's enabled in the BIOS, the 860 has more Turbo steppings than the 920 IIRC, so possibly a little more CPU oomph if turbo's enabled.
    -Only 2 memory channels, probably only 4 memory sockets so if using 4GB sticks you'd probably be looking at 16GB max.

    Performance-wise from what I read they seem to be pretty similar (with the exception of the 860 doing a little better when Turbo kicks in). I think there's more of a difference in the platform itself but I could be wrong.

    Again maybe someone else will come in and add (or correct me) on anything here. For all I know, one could have a massive advantage over the other when it comes to servers, but from what I'd guess, the 860 at most might give slightly higher speeds/clocks, while the 920 may give the potential for adding more RAM, and has the capacity for more bandwidth to it if it's needed. - Save money by buying glasses online!

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    im guessing 920 since 920 > 860 and they are both i7

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    If you need more RAM just go for the Xeon variant of the i7-860, which can do 32GB max. It is the Xeon X3450.
    The i7-860 uses a lot less power, so its greener, runs cooler, and is it a bit more powerful depending on the application its used for.

    So with using the Xeon variant of the i7-860, you surpass the RAM limitation, which should make it the winner.
    Get a Xeon X3440 or higher.

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    I read somewhere from WebNX that 860 is better than 920?
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    I'm currently running both. 860 is slightly faster and cheaper. 920 has high memory limit. both are pretty wonderful for my cpu intensive applications. ;-)

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