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    build a proxy to speed up with certain servers


    i have a server out of my country,

    in my country,

    only one ISP's user can get good connection with the country of my server on,

    i want to build a proxy connected with the ISP,

    and the users can set my proxy to connect my server to get better speed,

    is it possible?

    if yes,what os i should use?

    and which part of hareware is important? (cpu?ram?hd?)


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    OS does not matter much, go with what you know. Linux or BSD is normally used.

    CPU/RAM/HD depends on the usage pattern. RAM is always nice to keep files cached instead of getting them from the hd but how much RAM and hd you need depends on the site. If a lot of files is to be cached you will get better speeds with several smaller hds rather than one large.

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