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About RaQTweak
RaQTweak is specialized in installing and creating custom software packages for the SUN/Cobalt RaQ Server line. This particular type of server of very popular among IT Companies, since they are time savers when it comes down to webhosting and other internet related services. RaQTweak is dedicated to making the SUN/Cobalt RaQ line an even more advanced and more powerful machine
Site: www.raqtweak.com

Name: SecuMax
Version: v1.1
Normal price: $150
WHT price: $125

Our rock solid SecuMax package will defend your RAQ from any intruders, thus saving your business and customers' assets.

Our SecuMax package consists of:
  • A custom built firewall - To lock out all not approved services
  • Installation of all patches - To make sure your box is up to date
  • OpenSSH - For safer remote access
  • Portsentry - To prevent portscans which often is the first stage of a hack in.
  • FCheck - Which checks all important files for 'odd' changes (hackers?)
  • CHKRootkit - Checks for the activity of Trojans/Rootkits/Backdoors
  • LCAP - To prevent loading of kernel modules
  • Logsentry - Which gives a daily report of all 'odd' things on the server

Please note that the RaQ2 version is slightly different from the RaQ3/4 version due to its out of date kernel.

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