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    Help me to select the right hosting

    Could you please help me to select the right hosting for me?
    I am with Wiredtree They are fine, fast answer to customers...
    But too slow for me ( I am in Finland ) or for a raison or another, my server is really slow ( You can't miss that )
    so now I want to move to another Managed virtual server, or if I can handle to dedicated server.
    After reading, reading... and reading... found out 2 choice for me:
    I have about 100 Domain hosted under my account (company portal, forums etc... mails accounts... )
    My budget about 100 USD-150USD max
    I did not find a good hosting review or cheap enough in the UK / EU (too expansive) we got Nebula in Finland but too expansive !
    I hope you help me to find a good host, because it is important for my business, some of my customers start to go away of me!
    Thank you in advance.

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    I would highly recommend looking more for a host in the UK/EU as it sounds like that is where the majority of your customers are located. This will greatly improve network speed for you.

    If not and you are going to find a new provider in the US, look for one on the East Coast, as this should provide a little bit better network connection to the EU.
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    I may sound a little biased, but Futurehosting has a London location.

    I have been with them since Jan 08, and the servers that I use in Dallas have been just great.

    Good luck on your pursuit.

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