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    Is this a good deal?


    I understand that this is a little different from a VPS, but didn't know if it should go in dedicated server or VPS.

    I have found this offer online.

    What are peoples opinions on it, for the base price of 10? Do you think it has some advantages over VPS's, or do you think a VPS would be a better option.



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    Although it seems like a good deal, I highly doubt the service would be any good for $15.00USD a month.

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    Be wary of this, it is likely going to be a VPS rather than a Dedicated server. Just clever marketing, otherwise why wouldn't it be called a Dedicated Server?

    I've used OVH before, they are generally good and they use decent hardware, just dont expect any kind of support from them.

    If you want a cheap real dedi, look at their range.

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    just so you know, all kimsufi does is resell ovh's servers lol

    same company

    but yes, they are freakin nice deals!
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    RPS are great servers, don't think twice , i got one for my personal usage.
    just don't expect heavy I/O operations to run as fast as dedicated, the disk is on a Large shared SAN, they have QOS which gives u minimum of 1Mb/sec , and you can pay for higher priority if u need it. - Managed Hosting Solutions 2004 - 2016

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