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    Which FTP server should I use?

    I am setting up a Linux (Ubuntu) VPS I just got. I'm kind of new to this, and I'm wondering what FTP server to use. I realize some may have different advantages, and what I'm looking for in particular is just a relatively simple configuration and reliability. I don't think I'll need any insane features.

    Some servers I've heard of:

    Which would you use of those, or do you have another suggestion? And why? I apologize if this has been asked recently, but I'm more of a beginner so perhaps this thread is unique. Oh and if it is relevant, I have webmin installed, but I'm not opposed to old fashioned configuration via text files.

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    Both proFTP and Pure-FTP are good. Do you have any control panel installed?

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    PureFTPD is better than the most.
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    You could do away with FTP and use SFTP. That would be a lot more secure.

    But I have used both Pro and Pure with no problems in the past..
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    ProFTPd tends to be pretty memory intensive so I would stick to PureFTPd or if you are going to be hosting a smaller number of users then go for VSFTPd

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    vsftpd is the best, although you should ditch ftp and use sftp (ssh) instead.

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