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    Please suggest online backup

    any cheap but good popular online backup ? I am scared of these security issues

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    Please checkout the following link.

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    thanks any body can tell me some cheaper solutions?

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    Get a hosting account with a different providor and 'do it yourself'..

    That would be cheaper...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kasimato View Post
    thanks any body can tell me some cheaper solutions?

    don't argue if there is matter of security and backup, at least you should post your monthly budget so others can suggest. As much detail you post your thread, here all nice people will love to answer your question. Also which is your current Data Center?

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    What will you be backing up? How much data?

    Will you be backing up a single website, an entire dedicated server, etc...

    These all make huge differences in what kind of backup solutions are available to you.

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    maybe will fit?

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    I'll suggest you and serversync are a bit cheaper through!
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    Backup for what purpose?

    I vote for for personal backups
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    I use Carbonite. Seems OK. - WordPress for all of us

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    Another vote for BQBackup. We have used them for years.

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    The site is rather sparse, and so is my knowledge about Windows Server. How would I use bqbackup to make a daily, automated backup of our Windows Server with an MSSQL database?

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    4,799 is another option as well. Setting up Rsync is a relatively straight forward process on windows. - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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    I use s3cmd and sync my home directory and media to Amazon S3.. Even with 8 GB of data I'm paying less than $1 per month..
    I also offload my wordpress media library to S3 and cloudfront, very cheap too, and my entire media library won't need to be uploaded if my wordpress installation moves.

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    I would suggest getting a server from an affordable provider like or and just assign it as a backup server.
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    I Use the Following:

    * Mozy
    * ADrive - 50 GB Free Storage and very reliable

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    Whilst bqbackup's website may be a bit sparse id fully recommend scott and bqbackup to anyone needing backup services.
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