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    what server hardware dreahost and lunarpages use ? why they can host so many websites


    i know they oversell,

    so,i do not want to tale about the bandwidth issue,

    but about the hardware,

    what and how big they are ?

    why can they host over hundreds of account ?


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    Don't over think it. You hit the answer dead on at the beginning of your post . . . they oversell.

    There's no magic, no special-hardware, nothing extraordinary about them at all. Their business model is predicated on the assumption that most users will consume hardly any resources, and their bottom line is based on volume.

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    so,anyone know how many accounts they host ? what are the hardware level ? and what is the server average load ?


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    Well they have their own datacenter(s) full of servers. Most companies don't release how many accounts they have and definitely not what their server average load is

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