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    Customizable order forms

    I am setting up a site and am VERY paranoid about taking any credit information. However, I also do not want to redirect my customers to paypal or google checkout. That always seems very unprofessional to me. So I am looking for a processor that provides a customizable order form without horrible co-branding. I have looked at CDGCommerce and the Quantum Gateway, but the layout for the order form looks terrible, not aligned or anything. It looks like you can change a few things like logo and background, but the layout it pretty bad. seems to offer something similar but are very vague about what you can customize. It sounds similar to Quantum (and I think it says somewhere they limit you to 255 chars of html). I don't mind redirecting customers to another site so long as I can customize the page to a reasonable extent.

    Or am I too paranoid and should just use a more integrated approach? Lots of good reading in here, Thanks!

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    What about inspire checkout?

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    Have you looked at's SIM guide?

    They give you quite a few ways to customize the form.

    You can get a test account to try it out.

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    What is Inspire Checkout?

    I will play around with the SIM integration, anything else? Thanks

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    Hello greginfinity. I tried to PM you but you are not allowing those. Quantum does have other checkout looks for the Quantum Database Engine but they are not publicized right now. Only a select few merchants are using it right now. If you contact CDG support and ask for the samples from Jerry I can give you a few links. Also have you tried their Inline Frames API? They are adding more checkout looks in the near future as well.
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