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    Duplicate Link And SEO

    Hi guys i really need you people have i am running a forum base site which located in /forum directory of my root .
    few days back because of some down time site rank down almost 300 percent because of that i try to optimize many thing and becoz of this i wrongly changed url to furl 3 to 4 times after every 7 or 10 days becoz i was thinking that it might be reason but due to this site ranking down again .
    some one told me duplicate link also cause to take down your search engine ranking.

    now there is alot of duplicate link and not found link what should i do >

    Should i make another directory or rename this directory to some other like "board"and remove directory "/forum" from google webmaster tool?
    please help me .

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    What exactly your question?

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    No need to do it, better work with robot.text..u can restrict files folders from Google spiders to cache

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    Just make sure yourself once their is not the duplicate content on your sites as you do not have much similarities between the pages of your sites.
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    What's on earth is the Duplicate Link??

    I have only heard about the Duplicate Content!

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    Duplicate Content Off Page - This is when you have the same article indexed against different sites i.e. PLR content thrown up a number of different sites. There is no penalty.

    What Google does is rank the most authoritative one and bury the rest.

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    I'm pretty confused on what exactly is a duplicate link??? This is the first time I've heard about that term..

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    Sounds like you are freaking out the bots and yes, robots txt is prbably your answer.
    If you have your email in your acount for google webmaster tools, they should contact you with a problem serious enough to get de-listed. Then, you can correct the issue and appeal to get relisted.

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    Duplicate link is not problem.But duplicate contents is a big issue.

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    usually you can build many links on different page in same website.Duplicate link is not problem.

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