Do any of you have a clip-share licence? Well, now you can put all those videos on your homepage onto facebook with this modification.

Theres very little modifications you need to make to existing files and the database, and most of it is just uploading the script! SEO URL's are supported.

You can view a demo of it at http://apps.facebook.com/clip-share/

You can purchase it at http://www.apps4sale.net/products/Cl...plication.html

You can also get $25 off of your purchase with this coupon code: YH9V47100P

It comes with 6 months of free support, if you want me to install for you, it's an extra $5 USD (which i think is reasonable reasonable), and any mods will be negotiated in price.

It's limited to 10 uses, so get it fast! Instant download after purchase