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    CPanel Primary/Slave Nameserver - no zone files!


    I have 2 cpanel servers, and try to configure primary and slave nameservers.

    My problem is, after syncing zones from primary nameserver, with "Rebuild Complete" message shown, zones on primary nameserver are viewable on slave nameserver (Edit a Zone). There are actually NO zone files at "/var/named" on slave nameserver. empty /var/named folder on slave nameserver.

    I've tried reinstall bind, but no luck.

    I am just wondering if anyone has encountered this problem? How do you resolve this?

    any comments or suggestions welcomed! thanks.

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    Try Establish A Trust Relationship With a Primary Nameserver (via WHM)from the slave machine...
    it should ask u to enter primary root pass..enter it and .... good luck.

    For me it works....sometimes...the zone files jus gone missing for no reason.

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    Please look this link for about your needs;

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