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    dedicated vs rackspacecloud for classified site

    I'm currently running two classified ad sites with a php script and a mysql database. Both just launched, but I expect them to have decent traffic within 1 year.

    Here are the two options I'm currently considering:

    1. a fully managed dedicated server such as Wiredtree provides. This will roughly cost me between $250 and $350/month.

    2. go with Rackspace Cloud. Take advantage of their $100/month and then just pay as you go as traffic increases.

    It's a hard decision.

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    My vote goes with Rackspace but if you don't care about money then I go with Wired Tree.

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    A cloud offering will be more affordable, as you follow the "pay as you go" model. If you need extra security, then a dedicated is better - but you can have dedicated/vps on the cloud, too. Like for example.
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    I would say grow your infrastructure as you need it, rackspace cloud would be a good start.
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    Do your maths right.. After scaling a cloud based provider could be expensive than a dedicated server!! Dedicated Hosting

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    Quote Originally Posted by webbysitedesign View Post
    Do your maths right.. After scaling a cloud based provider could be expensive than a dedicated server!!

    That's exactly right . i would go for a dedicated server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldinamico17 View Post
    That's exactly right . i would go for a dedicated server.
    I would, as well. I am a bit biased towards dedicated servers (for obvious reasons), but after having used both personally, I preferred the dedicated environment.

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    i tried rackspacecloud for one of my sites and it was a very nice system, but once i did the numbers on scaling hauled ass over to I got a good deal on their cloud. The only problem is I find the support to be a bit vague compared with rackspacecloud or wiredtree (I have a dedicated there). It's hard to complain at 10tb though due to the deal you get.. but I'm basically going to be doing 10tb + rack911 for management & security..

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