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    Talking Website Feedback


    Got version 1 of my website up, just so it is running atleast. Looking for feedback on making it better and improving it.

    I know there is alot that needs to be done to make it look more professional and corporate but not sure where to start lol.

    The website is:

    Any and all advice and critiques are welcome .

    Thank you in advance .

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    The layout overall is pretty good, but graphically it's not that impressive. Areas you need to work on are the tabs at the top, the blue and white banner below them and the buttons (i.e. "click here to learn more"). You have also used a macbook pro and an apple cinema display, but have windows vista displayed on them. Of course that's not really too important

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    Thanks for the reply. Yea, we use macs here at the office but we are able to log into both windows and mac computers so it didn't cross our mind what some people might think about the windows on the mac hardware, since essentially that's how we see it on our machines lol.

    Going to be working on revising it this week, but what do you feel would make the blue and white banner look better?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Your banner looks too busy especially with the navigation above it.

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    Well, I think overall the website is blah. I can not pin point what it is but it doesn't sit well with me. It looks like an amature website. You have an IT Technical Support company; it needs to be sharp, crisp and professional.

    I also feel the company name / banner needs to come before the navigation. Where you currently have it positioned, the name gets lost in the other content. This is a key element! The only element that I like is the navigation. Best of luck!
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    It looks fine to me, you could make some small change but for the must part in accomplishes its goal.

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