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    Thumbs up Need Work: PSD to Web at a very cheap price!

    For a short time, I will be offering my coding services at a low price in order to build up a portfolio.

    I will code your layout for 25-50 dollars depending on how hard I think it will be. It is a very cheap price so I say take it while you can.

    All designs will be:
    • Cross browser compatible (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE7+)
    • Valid xHTML & CSS
    • Search engine friendly
    • Clean and neatly coded
    • Delivered in 2-5 days
    • Revised as needed


    Hope to do business,

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    Just coded one for myself. You can see it at

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    Hi Nolan,

    You might want to take a look at my recent post

    Quote Originally Posted by Xendrx View Post
    I will keep this post as short and simple as possible, I'm building a small team of web developers & graphic designers alongside someone with a good marketing and SEO knowledge.

    This team will be focused toward doing sourced freelance work. I've already obtained a online platform for sharing files between team members which will be used for multiple team members to collaborate on projects together.

    I am looking for a array of skill sets and skill levels here, so do not be shy to contact me and put forth what you've got.

    The general skills I am looking for are...

    + HTML
    + PHP
    + CSS
    + ASP
    + Java
    + SEO
    + Marketing
    + Illustrator
    + Photoshop
    + Logo Design
    + Stationary Design
    + Web Design
    + General Graphic Design
    + Flash

    And so on, if you have any or all of these skills & you enjoy working with deadlines in a team on projects of varying sizes that will challenge your skills & reward you well, I'd like to hear from you.

    Of course, you will need to proove your skillset, eg. for graphic designers I'll need a portfolio or some examples of your work, etc.

    The final question no doubt on everyone's minds by now. Pay.
    Payment for your expertise will be on a pay per project basis, due to the nature of the work and varying sizes of the projects the payment will vary accordingly, so this is something better discussed privately and one on one. (Also obviously the level of skills you have will play a factor on how much you are paid).

    On a final note, This opportunity will be providing ongoing work & aiming over time to move away from freelance work to work gained through a website, so this is a great opportunity for people wanting to help grow and grow with a business.

    I look forward to hearing from you - The easiest way to contact me to discuss this opportunity is via Aim.
    Aim: SDWilko @

    It may be interest of you and I may be able to offer you work.

    Feel free to contact me if you are interested.


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