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    I have been an LNOA (now called for several years. They have both php and hosting at a pretty cheap rate - $40/year.

    A lot of people say these guys are a scam but I've been with them for a while - they're not a scam, but they're not great hosts. Here's the problem...

    Last year they made some configuration changes to registered DLL's on the shared server I had been on. It killed the mysql connection I had and they never set it right. I had to revamp a lot of code to get things working again. No notice was ever posted - I was never alerted.

    Recently, all of my domains are down since Sept 29. We have a major event this weekend in which the information on one of my websites was critical and needed to be shown. They did nothing. I received no response, and my business is suffering big time for our yearly event.

    Hopefully they will realize that poor customer service is going to kill their business and perhaps they'll get their act straight or change careers. Either way, DO NOT USE THEM unless you're ok with surprises and unexpected long term outages.

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    I'm searching for a good hosting service that has up to date versions of both and php

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