Hi Everyone.

Well ive used paypal, Never again
I've used 2CO, Neveragain

I currently use Bluepay, super high fees (0.xxc transaction+2% then 10% monthly = more then 12%) im getting given to me with them, they stopped sending me invoices and I never know when there doing withdraws so there about to hit my NO list. Very hard to work with.

I been looking into Google Checkout but from my tests it looks like the current or new user has to setup an account and go to there site each invoice to pay which is not good for me. My clients like the auto bill function.

So my question to you is. Who is a good company that integrates with WHMCS that has low rates no setup fees
clients never have to leave my site, there cards are processed automatically , drops into my bank account, a Virtual Terminal is a plus.