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* Receive A FREE AlphaSSL Wildcard SSL Certificate
If your web site uses multiple sub-domains and you need to secure more than just one of them, you can save time, money and effort by using an AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificate. This SSL Certificate can be used to secure an unlimited number of sub-domains on the same domain name, such as,,,, and Best of all, we'll see to it that your certificate works for the life of your VPS Hosting account!

* Save 15% off your first year of service!

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* 35% off your first month of service!
* A FREE AlphaSSL Certificate -- Using this SSL certificate, you can secure one subdomain directory

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++++++ Presenting ReadyWire Multimedia Solutions ++++++

** We're Not a Reseller - We Manage Our Own Equipment
** 99.8% Uptime Guarantee
** Lightning Fast Tech Support - 24/7 Support (Average response time is 15 minutes)
** Toll Free, Live Chat, & Ticket Based Technical Support
** 24x7 proactive monitoring by Panopta (w/ your own Panopta Panel!)
** Nightly client backups
** Fast, Reliable Network
** No overloaded servers!
** Free Cpanel/WHM 11
** Free Domain Reseller Account
** Full Root SSH Access

++++++ ReadyWire Migration Assistance ++++++

Are you already hosting elsewhere? We'll make the switch as easy as pie! We will migrate your accounts from your old host, migrate all MySQL databases, migrate all subdomains, cPanel settings, & email accounts. In the past, we've charged $20 for this service. Now, it's absolutely free!

++++++ About the Data Center ++++++

ReadyWire Virtual Private Servers are located in the Dupont Fabros Chicago IL data center, which is backed by complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity and security.

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++++++ The Top 5 Reasons to Give ReadyWire a Try ++++++

You've spoken and we've listened! ReadyWire has created brand new VPS hosting plans to better suite your needs. The biggest requests across our help desk have been for a VPS control panel system so that you can manage your VPS server on your own. ReadyWire now features the HyperVM control panel system. Plus, you've been begging for VPS servers that come standard with lots of IP's. Now, your ReadyWire VPS Server comes standard with at least EIGHT IP Addresses.

ReadyWire's Virtual Private Server Hosting packages are full of features. The following is just a sample of some of the things that you can come to expect when you sign up for service with ReadyWire Multimedia Solutions.

1. Fast Servers
Your website will not be placed on an overloaded server! Our servers have a minimum of 4 processors with no less then 8 GB's of high performance ram. Our servers are connected to fully redundant fast fiber connections. Best of all, our servers are backed up to an off site location for maximum protection of your important data.

2. Bundled Control Panel Software
Your VPS includes HyperVM and cPanel/WHM 11! With ReadyWire, there's no need to pay extra for a control panel!!

3. True 24x7 Technical Support
No matter what time or day, someone from ReadyWire Multimedia Solutions will be here to assist in whatever way necessary. Take comfort knowing that our technicians are in-house, not outsourced.

4. Fully Managed
ReadyWire Multimedia Solutions Virtual Private Servers are fully managed. Each server includes hardware management and network management, operating system and software support, proactive security patches and updates, proactive monitoring, custom firewall configuration, spam prevention, server hardening and more.

5. Fully Monitored 24x7
All ReadyWire Virtual Private Servers are fully-monitored by our in-house downtime detection system, Turbine!

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++++++ ReadyWire's VPS Plans ++++++

** ReadyWire 512MB Fully-Managed VPS Plan (VPS01)

Disk Space: 40 Gigs
Bandwidth/data transfer: 1000 Gigs

IP Addresses: 8
Dedicated RAM: 512 MB
Control Panel: HyperVM & cPanel/WHM 11
Setup Fee: None
Monthly Fee: $49.00

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** ReadyWire 768MB Fully-Managed VPS Plan (VPS02)

Disk Space: 60 Gigs
Bandwidth/data transfer: 1000 Gigs

IP Addresses: 10
Dedicated RAM: 768 MB
Control Panel: HyperVM & cPanel/WHM 11
Setup Fee: None
Monthly Fee: $69.00

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** ReadyWire 1 GB Fully-Managed VPS Plan (VPS03)

Disk Space: 80 Gigs
Bandwidth/data transfer: 1000 Gigs

IP Addresses: 15
Dedicated RAM: 1024 MB
Control Panel: HyperVM & cPanel/WHM 11
Setup Fee: None
Monthly Fee: $89.00

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++++++ Ready to get started? ++++++
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to our sales team: sales @ If you would prefer, we're always available to take your call: (312) 278-4446 or (877) 44-READY.

We offer multiple payment options, giving you many options to pay with us!
* All Major Credit And Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)
* Google Checkout
* Check/Money Order
* PayPal Verified

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** We also offer Dedicated Servers in Chicago! Find out more when you visit **

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