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    Free Web Host v Paid For - FTP Time outs

    I recently signed up for ********** free web hosting.

    I've noticed that whenever I attempt to connect to the remote server, I invariably get error messages - way more than I ever did with paid for services.

    I'm wondering - is this the catch? Even, do companies offering free web hosting deliberately employ some techie fix that means that frequently the connection to the remote server won't work, but coincidently - if you upgrade to their paid for packages, such errors magically become less frequent?

    At least I hope so, in the sense that I definitely wouldn't be happy with getting the quantity of time outs/error connections that I'm currently experiencing, if I was paying for the service.

    Any thoughts.

    I'm using Dreamweaver MX (3004) to manager and upload my site files. Never had problems connecting with Dreamweaver before, hence my posit above.

    Dave B - Linuxwannabee

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    You're always going to have issues with free providers, it's one of the things you pay for with a paid plan (reliability).
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    I agree with the above. I'd also recommend spending a few dollars getting a paid hosting service. Even then you must do a self research by finding reliable reviews about them.

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    You will most likely to have issues when going with a free provider, unless it is backed by a huge company, such as Google for example. Otherwise, well you get what you paid for.
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    I also faced similar issues with even paid for MySQL and Apache access.I was a complete waste of money.Now I'm very happy with a paid host.

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    It's the old "you get what you pay for".

    Sometimes you luck out, other times not.
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    Hi All

    Thanks for the above. My posit was whether it was possible to actually gear a system up, so that a free service is necessarily less reliable?

    Is is a hardware of software thing at the remote server end - that causes connection drop-outs?

    What is the likely difference, (hardware/software) wise that would differentiate between a free service and a paid for - bear in mind, my company I'm currently with offer both.

    Finally, just reviewed some other posts where hosting companies are named and shamed - I mentioned my web host in my post and it got XXXXed out. I wasn't even saying anything derogatory! By contrast, some of the other posts definitely are - yet the web host company name hasn't been XXXXed out.


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    The whole idea of offering free service is to get customers used to your fine service and hope as they grow they might want to purchase services, so there's no real reason for them to purposely screw up your connection just because it's free.

    Since they are most likely at a different IP and location as your paid for services that work, you may have a routing problem at your ISP or somewhere on the net etc...

    You could also blame it on Windows, when's the last time you rebooted :)

    Did you try another FTP program to help confirm the problem? And maybe watch the TCP packets and see where it stops in the session? Turn some sort of logging on?

    Are you able to use SSL for FTP? Maybe they are forcing SSL (a good thing) and that may require you to open different outgoing ports on your firewall.

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