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    How to disable /cpanel link?

    Hi folks,

    Does anyone know how to disable the /cpanel link? I want to limit access to WHM/cPanel from only one ip and they should use the server ip and port to access it.

    I'm sure my host would know but trying to learn some things myself too.


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    If you are a reseller, I don't think you have access to that. It's under WHM > Tweak Settings > Redirection.

    You can change the settings from there.
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    I am not a reseller. Thanks I'll check out the tweak settings.

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    You can restrict the IP by going into WHM >> Security Center >> Host Access Control (block IP access) >> Enter the following values in the specified fields

    ** Allow your IP first
    Daemon >> whostmgrd
    Access List >> your ip that you want to allow
    Action >> allow
    Comment >> your comment

    ** Block all other IP's
    Daemon >> whostmgrd
    Access List >> all
    Action >> deny
    Comment >> your comment

    For cpanel you can add the same entires, expect in the Daemon field you should put cpaneld.

    NOTE :: You should first add the rule to allow your ip and then deny all other ip's as the rules have order of precedence. If you add the deny rule first, you will get yourself blocked.

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    Thank you very much for the help...fantastic!

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    Is there a way to use Host Access Control for a specific account?

    In protecting whostmgrd/cpaneld it blocks all accounts/web addresses so a client would be blocked unless they had a dedicated ip and it was manually entered in there.

    For those that have dynamic ips and all others to the clients' sites are blocked.

    This works great if it is a dedicated server, but for shared and some smaller reseller packages, it can't be used?

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