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    Talking Review

    Hi my name is Ionut and i want to make a review .

    I have purcase a dedicated server from softlayer and i need ffmpeg and codecs on my server.

    First time i have seach in WHT people who can install me this service and i have fount one guy Tom ... His price was 75 EUR to hight for this operation.. and i have search again . This time i found

    was perfect low price and live support.

    I have contacted live support and i was reciveing a good and profesional support at my questions .

    The singup was easy and quake payment the same.

    In the next few hours i recive a mail to provide login details for installing ffmpeg.
    This guys are amaizing. I was always in contact whit him because i was reciving updates on my tiket on the all installing period.

    And i want to thank you to cliffsupport for your service. And in a few days or next month i will purcase a full server management .

    Good job .. keep it up ... best service..

    Ionut From Italy

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    David and his team deliver a good service; great to see a nice review of them.

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    yes it is am am verry happy whit whim and his services

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    It was a pleasure reading your review. Thank you for taking the time to inform us about your personal experience. Best of luck!
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    i know is good for other who need this service where to singup ... because others are scams others whit huge price .... but this is just amaizing

    and...because are a great team i recive an extra install on my server free or charge... because whit out that my scripts was not working good... i realy apreciate that

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    I had a great experience with

    I needed a windows support, service and job was excellent, excellent communication.

    I recommend it.

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    CliffSupport is Great!

    I just used CliffSupport to install OpenVPN on my cPanel dedicated server. They took care of it quickly, and had it up and working in no time at all. I'd highly recommend them, I know I'll be using them for anything my server needs in the future.
    David Gendron, [email protected]
    VALIS International,
    US Business Presence Setup for the World

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    Thanks for posting a review. This will help others decide.
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    Glad to hear see happy customer. Thanks for the review.
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    Yes, I've experienced the same type or results from David and his team. Keep up the good work guys and thank you for all the extra help! I've been using them for around 1.5-2 years now.

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