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    ServerBoost 3 months Review

    This is my first review regarding a dedicated server prodiver, so forgive me if i miss anything.

    We are a small web hosting company located in Greece and after many years in a Greek Datacenter, we were seeking for a reliable provider with Managed Dedicated servers. After a lot of search here in WHT, we came through ServerBoost which is located in Holland.

    Sales: Jelle was very patient during our talks, although we were just researching at the time being. A really nice guy and a true professional, answered all my questions as I was skeptic regarding the migration, or details of our contract and service. ( personal fears :p )

    Support: They say the first impression is the most significant and I must admit that mine was pretty good. Starting from the Server migration ( From 2 old/slow servers to a brand-new Dell one. ) which went really smoothly from ServerBoost part, taking the downtime to minimal time!

    Our SLA contract has a specific time window for support requests but it hardly takes over some minutes or 1-2 hours to get a response ( regarding the time of the day of course! ) and Jelle is always there when i need to ask something.

    Hardware/Network: Our Dell server is running really good, and the network is really reliable as "promised". Good speeds and ping ( from Greece ) which is important for our customers.

    Conclusion: For me, having dealt with only one foreign company in the past for hosting ( US ), ServerBoost is the ideal one to do business with, because they look really "caring" about our business and their flexibility is priceless.

    I'm looking forward using ServerBoost for a long time, really satisfied! :-)

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    Great review! It's always a pleasure getting a chance to read satisfied customer reviews. Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your personal experience with the company. I hope your relationship with the company continues in a positive way. Best of luck!
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    That's awesome! Its always good to hear a good review. It makes it so WHT doesn't turn into a place for the client and provider to argue at each other in public and imo making a fool of them self at times.

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