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Thread: Cheap cPanel?

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    * Cheap cPanel?

    I'm looking for a cheap cPanel Dedicated Server License provider, everywhere I go it's either $35+, but some hosts can provide cPanel for really cheap. So can someone help me find a cheap provider?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Try ThePlanet, I think they offer it at $25.

    Or for a more affordable server, you can try HiVelocity, more affordable, but I think ThePlanet has a much better customer support.
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    The catch is rerun had to purchase the server from those datacenter to get a good cpanel license price. But if he's looking for an external license provider then I cannot find anyone cheaper than $35

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    $35.00 is the cheapest that cpanel allows the license to be sold external.
    Providers can charge less for internal license only.
    To get it cheaper than $35.00 you have to go with a provider that can supply it along with a server.

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