I am willing to sell these websites for the right prices:

(1) http://www.freeadsjoint.com
(2) http://www.railcareuk.org

Freeadsjoint - They all have the potential of becoming big hits. Freeadsjoint.com has a huge potential in the advertising stream. I have not done any advertising on it yet but take a look at the numbers/members. I also have two (2) advertisement script installed on it that you can use to manage your ad placements. PS: The current value of freeadsjoint.com from http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.freeadsjoint.com $4,000+

Railcareuk.org - As the name suggests is all about the British Rail. I built to cater for that market. Currently, there's no site that talks about the British rail and i know its a solid concept. The Brits love their rails. I just built it and neverr advertised it and left it there coz of time constraints on my part. I made the first entries though. Take a look at it. Also, take a look at the stas without any advertising. http://railcareuk.org/?action=stats%3Bexpand=200909

If you like them, what are your offers for them?

Thank you.