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    Small Hosting Company for the Right Buyer

    Looking to sell our small hosting business (16 clients) to the right buyer.

    We've built a small local client base but would like to concentrate
    on other areas of our business. However, the buyer must be a reputable
    firm that can provide the same level of uptime/service that we've
    provided for these customers, which is to say high uptime and responsive service.

    Ideally, buyer would take over our VPS account to minimize downtime; from there, buyer could migrate to their own systems.

    Is a signed NDA is required?

    A signed NDA would be required for this sale.

    What control panel do the clients use?

    Plesk 8.6

    What are the plan sizes, BW limits and costs?

    Rate Renewal Storage Bandwidth Storage Used Creation Date
    9.95 6/1/2010 100 10gb 59mb 6/6/2008
    9.95 6/1/2010 100 1gb 5mb 5/10/2006
    9.95 6/1/2010 150 1gb 147mb 4/3/2007
    32.95 11/1/2009 1000 20gb 954mb 3/27/2009
    9.95 8/1/2010 100 1gb 71mb 8/20/2007
    8.95 5/1/2010 100 10gb 6mb 5/1/2009
    14.95 11/1/2009 500 30gb 20mb 2/6/2009
    6.95 11/1/2009 100 1gb 20mb 9/18/2007
    9.95 11/1/2009 50 2gb 40mb 7/1/2005
    9.95 11/1/2009 100 1gb 1mb 4/2/2008
    9.95 7/1/2010 100 1gb 28mb 7/12/2007
    9.95 7/1/2010 100 1gb 70mb 4/2/2007
    14.95 11/1/2009 100 10gb 1mb 5/5/2009
    29.95 1/1/2010 1000 50gb 794mb 3/18/2007
    9.95 11/1/2009 50 2gb 2mb 9/12/2005
    0 Donation 1000 50gb 64mb 2/2/2009

    Server used about 50 to 60gb of bandwidth per month.

    About 30gb of that bandwidth was used for backups; server is backed up and
    the backup is shipped off to another server nightly.

    How many have dedicated IPs?

    Currently 1 account has a ded IP for an extra $3/mo.

    What country are most clients located in?

    All clients are located in the U.S.

    What billing and support systems are used?

    Quickbooks is used. Support is done through e-mail.

    What payment methods do the clients use?

    The yearly invoices are done via mail, paid by check.
    Monthlies are done via credit card and one via check.

    How many domain registrations are done for the clients?

    All (or nearly all) of these clients use our OpenSRS
    domain registration services and pay $14.95/yr. These would
    need to be switched to the buyer's account.

    Does the sale include the hardware?

    No hardware.

    How much is the server/colo/reseller per month?


    When is it due next?


    Does the sale include the company name and domain?

    Sale could include company name. However,
    we've just won some awards for our design business so if
    the buyer wants the company name it would need to be compensated.

    What payment method(s) do you accept for the sale?

    Would by default accept U.S.-drawn check. Might be able to accept MC/Visa.

    Please no PMs for this, they may go unread. Please e-mail to [email protected] with questions and offers.

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    i am interested please can you send me your site link? you have any bin in mind?

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    Nice list of Q&A!
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    I am interested. Plz. send me your expected price.

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    I am interested, any BIN ?

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    We'll offer $75

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    Hi all,

    My apologies, I'm not sure what "BIN" is. Can someone fill in that acronym?

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    BIN = Buy it Now

    usually reffered to as 'Buy it Now Price' an eBay thing usually..
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    I am interested. Please send me your asking price.

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    Is this still available?
    Very interested.

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    Thanks for the clarification on BIN. In short, there really is no BIN for this sale. The sale is more about making sure we find the right buyer who can execute and provide reliable service for these customers than it is about finding the highest bidder.

    That said, we've been working in the range from $750 to $1500. But I can't stress enough that it's more important for us to feel good about the buyer and their network than it is to get an extra $250 from the sale. We don't have any incredibly urgency on the sale; the customers are stable, the servers are stable, yet we'd like to concentrate on more profitable areas of our business.

    We'll accept less money for the clients if the buyer can show their reliability, redundancy, ability to provide excellent support, and hosting experience, among other factors. We would likely sell in the hundreds of dollars for *great* provider who will guarantee a painless transition for our clients.

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    Oh, and for clarification, even though I said there is no BIN, if someone offers $2,000,000 USD then I think we might be able to work something out.

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    sshost, please email me your contact details, i'm interested.

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    Sent you a PM.

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    please email me your contact details, i'm interested bcooper|@|

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    Please email me directly at: or PM me here. We'd like to make an offer.
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    is it still for sale ?

    please email me at: quentin.daems at skynet dot be


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    Hello All,

    Thanks for the responses on this thread. The clients have been sold and we're in the process of migrating them.

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