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    Running a backup server

    Hi there,

    I'm wanting to set up a backup server for my existing VPS'. I'm not sure what sort of specs will be necessary though. I'll just be using cPanel's built in backup feature, so will just FTP in and download the backup via SSH when necessary. All of these are cheap:

    Which one do you reckon would cut it? Would the three dollar one be fine? Because that would be awesome if it was. Surely a backup server wouldn't be too intensive?


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    I don't know. Most providers won't allow you to use a shared or VPS account as a backup service (there will be a stipulation in their TOS saying that a certain percentage of files must be linked from a site hosted on the account).

    Besides, who would trust their backups to a provider who cannot be bothered to design a remotely decent looking site? It just seems to scream low quality IMO.
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    Their TOS says it's okay to use it for backup purposes. I'm pretty sure the provider is okay, and I've read some reviews that say it's good. And it's only $3! Of course, provided that is suitable for a backup server.

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    If their packages suit you; our backup server handles quite a bit more as 800GB bandwidth i.e. and in those cases its often cheaper to get just a cheap dedicated server; also guarantee's your speeds better.

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    Can you see 80mb RAM being enough for now? I'll be doing daily and weekly backups. For now there won't be many backups taken, maybe around 15 or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarki View Post
    Can you see 80mb RAM being enough for now? I'll be doing daily and weekly backups. For now there won't be many backups taken, maybe around 15 or so.
    Could be enough for simple ftp or rsync ..its not much, but then you wont need it for much either. Why not just look into backup services already available ? i.e. bqinternet ?

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    I didn't even think of specialised backup services. BQinternet looks good and cheap, although the VPS is a bit more flexible. I dunno, I guess I'll look into it and give on of them a shot.

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    There are many companies providing backup services

    If your need of space is for backup only, above providers will fit your need economically, also you don't have to worry about the infrastructure, managing the server/vps etc. They all provide FTP/SSH access.
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    I buy ramhost service for backup purpose and host few blog.

    Yes they are good and cheap for both hosting and backup. They also say they backup your data twice a month too.

    Their Live Chat Robert(correct me if i'm wrong) is very kind person too and wont hesitate to give you solution or help if you need it.

    But they unmanaged for sure. You need to do all install by your self, their help is limited by only give you help reference.

    Fix :
    Sorry they semi managed. they install centos,mysql and lighttpd for me.
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    What about using cloud storage such as Amazon S3 or ThePlanet's cloud storage?
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