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    Can someone recommend an EU provider

    Howdy all

    I've been thinking about getting a dedicated server in the EU, as the UK is just to expensive to rent a dedicated server.

    I've read reviews of the two hosts I found on the net (OVH and 1&1) and none were all that favourable. (Especially 1&1 heh)

    Can anyone recommend some alternative EU providers? or perhaps any reasonable priced UK services?

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    Depends on your budget, why not get a decent performing Xen VDS? If your budget is low look at / PoundHost.Com or RapidSwitch.Com

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamD View Post
    Especially 1&1 heh
    I have used 1&1 for many years and I have never had a single problem with them. I currently have a few Windows Web Server 2008 dedicated servers and a couple of VPS's.

    Independently monitored uptime for January 09 to September 09 is 99.9%+ (across all my servers), there support desk has always been helpful and knowledgeable.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
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    Are you looking for a managed or unmanaged dedicated server ? - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
    cPanel Hosting | Windows Hosting | Reseller Hosting | Hyper-V VPS | Cloud Hosting
    Dedicated Servers in UK by WHUK - Fully Managed UK dedicated servers with 24x7x365 Support.

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    Thanks all
    Probably gonna go for Rapidswitch at some point
    Ideally I need a low(er) monthly payment, so am probably going to save up for Rapidswitch and use their option of setup fees to upgrade their server offering.

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    check out the servers by Dedicated Hosting

    Superior Hosting Solutions, Exclusive Specials on Dedicated Web Server

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    Check and Leaseweb.

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