All offers available in various datacenters, the Netherlands
We can deliver the connections with IP space or as a BGP connection. We can help your company to setup a network in the Netherlands.
We also offer 24/7 router management services, we support most router brands.
See below for a full PoP list.
Pricing in Euro and excluding VAT

100 mbit flatfee dedicated unmetered NL

1000 mbit flatfee dedicated unmetered NL

10000 mbit flatfee dedicated unmetered NL

  • Mail us for quotes!

Rackspace in Easynet, Schiphol Rijk, the Netherlands - Full rack

Rackspace in Easynet, Schiphol Rijk, the Netherlands - 1/2 rack

Rackspace in Easynet, Schiphol Rijk, the Netherlands - 4U

Remote hands in Easynet, Schiphol Rijk, the Netherlands

  • 50 euro / hour during office hours
  • 99 euro / hour outside office hours

POP - Datacenters where we can deliver bandwidth.
We can also deliver Point to Point connections between datacenters.

Datacenters without additional fee for transport

Easynet Caprionilaan 2, Amsterdam
Sara Kruislaan 415, 1098 SJ Amsterdam
Nikhef Kruislaan 409, 1098 SJ Amsterdam

Datacenters with an additional fee for transport

EvoSwitch J.W. Lucasweg 35 2031BE Haarlem
Eunetworks P. van Vlissingenstraat 16 1096BK Amsterdam
Global Switch Johan Huizingalaan 759, 1066 VH Amsterdam
Global Crossing Joop Geesinkweg 401-404
I-21 1 Koolhovenstraat 124-126, 1119 NH Schiphol-Rijk
I-21 2 Westhavenweg 59a - 60a, 1042 AL Amsterdam
InterXion 1/2/4 Gyroscoopweg 58-60-62, 1040 HH Amsterdam
InterXion 3 Cessnalaan 1-33, 1119 NJ Amsterdam
IP Powerhouse(Cap Gemini)Archangelkade 1, 1013BE, , Amsterdam
KPN Cyber center Fokkerweg 300, 1438 AN Oude Meer
Rembrandt tower Amstelplein 1, 1096HA, Amsterdam
Schuberg Philis Boeing Avenue 271, 1119PD, Schiphol-Rijk
Telecity 1 Kruislaan 411, 1098 SJ Amsterdam
Telecity 2 Kuiperbergweg 13, 1101 AE Amsterdam
Telecity 3 Gyroscoopweg 2E/F, 1042 AB Amsterdam
Viatel Delflandlaan 4, 1062 HE, Amsterdam

You can also rent or buy all hardware directly from Swiftway: Supermicro, Dell and IBM, APC, HP and more.

Available Control panels

- CPanel incl. Fantastico
- DirectAdmin
- Plesk (we are a Parallels Platinum Partner)

Available backup solutions

- R1soft (we are a R1soft hosting partner)


Swiftway is a subdivision of Eureka Solutions and a provider of turn-key internet services based in Europe.

These services include high-speed internet access, website design, custom programming, server management, colocation, Hosted exchange/sharepoint, Streaming Media and dedicated servers.

The company has been in continuous operation since 2003 and offers its services to demanding firms in over twenty countries the world over.

Swiftway on WHT WIKI:

Frequently Asked Questions about Swiftway and the offers:

Q: How long are you in Business?
A: Eureka Solutions is a LLC (SP. z o.o.) founded in 2003, Swiftway is the hosting brand.

Q: Swiftway is a European company, where do they provide colocation?
A: Swiftway currently provides colocation in the USA, France, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

Q: Can you do custom configurations?
A: Yes we do, but a custom configuration will take a longer time to deploy.

Q: Do you allow all content?
A: We do not allow Warez or warez related content and IRC


We can make custom quotes and setups, please mail to [email protected]

- Contract term on full and half racks 12 months
- Contract term bandwidth 12 months
- All above prices excluding VAT

- Payment month to month.
- We accept Paypal and bank wire transfers
- Only available for new customers

Special offer valid untill 14 october 2009
How do i order?
mail us at [email protected]