I want to offer this site template to the community.
This template has not been used before, the project was ended at 2008 because of the owner's company internal problem (it was not legal problem). The owner didn't want to continue this project anymore.

Note: "Radioplay" is not the real name of the project, it's only a dummy name.

Included with this template:
  • XHTML transitional & CSS files, saved as Header - Footer include file using PHP
  • 1 Home page & 12 other sub pages
  • Source files (PNG, fonts, PSD - exported from PNG). I used Adobe Fireworks to design this template
  • You can resell this template
  • Once it's sold, I won't sell it again
  • Minor modifications - please contact me to discuss modifications you need.

Preview: http://preview.webdistro.com/radioplay

Starting bid $150 ($10 increment)
BIN price $250
End of bid will be at 09-10-2010
Payment by Paypal

Thank you