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    Does anyone use CDN for their commerce site?

    I'm trying to see what kind of commerce sites are our there using CDN services to help me understand what are the key benefits for them and which providers they like. I suspect its just the big commerce sites, but want to see if smaller commerce sites also need CDN services. thoughts?

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    There are lots of small and large e-commerce sites using a CDN. Choosing to use a content delivery network in a dedicated server environment can save you money on bandwidth; on a shared hosting system the benefit is overcoming resource constraints. You will find that there are a lot of benefits to be had if you decide to use a content delivery network and your web site is global yet you host the site in one location as most do. In a distributed network setup (CDN) you get the chance to reach out to more end users which expands your consumer markets. CDNs are known to help increase your site’s customer satisfaction rates by giving them lowered page load times and low latency rates. CDN networks are designed to be global with unlimited capacity to easily scale to any growing website’s needs, where as shared hosting or one dedicated server can only go so far.

    There are many networks providers, all of which provide similar services. If at anytime you have a spike in traffic a CDN will help to scale your visitor traffic so all visitors receive the same high performance standards. You’ll also be able to avoid oversaturated points of traffic by having your users forwarded to the closest Point of Presence (PoP). Within the first minute, a user of your website has already made up his mind if his time is being wasted. Slow navigation due to unloaded button images, late product thumbnails, or a general slow loading page can make a customer hit the back button and go to a competitor. E-commerce websites can take special advantage of a CDN, as their images, files, and other content will load immediately from locations next to the end user in order to enhance the shopping experience, provide fewer abandoned shopping carts, and can increase overall e-commerce ROI. used Internap for the CDN for example.

    There are many popular ones such as Akamai, Internap and LimeLight networks, it just depends on your bandwidth requirements and your budget. If you dont know either of those, then I would say go with a pay as you go provider such as

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    thanks - good answer

    Appreciate the insight - very helpful. Anyone else have some thoughts on hosting vs. cdn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdnguy View Post
    Appreciate the insight - very helpful. Anyone else have some thoughts on hosting vs. cdn?
    If you can afford it, use a CDN. A CDN will allow your customers to have faster loading times. I as a consumer get very frustrated at sites that load slowly, and may not even purchase from a website JUST because their site loads slow. The content is delivered faster = more clients
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    How does CDN work for a database-driven website? Where is the database hosted? The point of distributed network would be meaningless if the database itself is not distributed, wouldn't it?
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    Shopify uses a CDN for serving their clients assets. Stemmed from one of their clients setting up a Squid/reverse proxy to serve images to his local clientelle in one of the Asia's, I believe.

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