We are offering our Virtuozzo Linux VPS. They running in our privately owned and managed data center in Aliso Viejo, California. We currently peer from Internap and Cox Business. Our power source is filtered and supported by a UPS system, along with a Kohler diesel generator.

Our current Virtuozzo Server:
Dell PowerEdge 1955 Blade
Dual Intel Xeon CPU E5345 @ 2.33GHz (8 Cores)
16GB ram
2TB fibre SAN storage.

On this particular box we have 9 VPS running. We monitor our systems like a hawk. If your container grows large enough we can easily move it to our other Virtuozzo server.

Our VPS start at $50
Ram configurations 256, 512, 1GB, 2GB
Storage Configurations starting at 1GB to 2TB
Plesk can be included with an additional charge.

Any questions feel free to ask.