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    Disussion: The future of webhosting, web applications, and the Internet

    The internet is still a very new phenom. I remember in 97 getting my first web domain and everyone asking what that was.

    In 2000 most people I knew had a good ability to get email, but rarely surfed much if ever.

    2002 I saw a few more getting involved and by 2004 it started becoming a 'everyone is doing it thing'.

    Now the lens of the mighty is focused on the net. The big media want to shut access to their information unless paid. Large amounts of issues regarding copyright, even linking, are being discussed in Congress and other countries.

    A datacenter recently got raided by the FBI and a lot of non related servers were shut down or torn out shutting down businesses and worse.

    ISPs talk of throttling and due to massive poorly coded websites that is pretty scary.

    Webhosting and the net...what is the future to be looked at? Does your center or company have a lawyer and legal plan to deal with the FBI taking all your servers just because one client is doing something illegal? What about shared server shutdown in the same vein?

    Any crime committed or alleged to be committed also includes all the federal ways and means of wire fraud, interstate, international, and more.

    What happens if north korea sues you for allowing a blogger to break north korean law? What if you are just the host? Or the datacenter?

    What about censorship?

    What about if the net turns into a pay as you go for websites (the website has to pay for the access it provides?)

    What if google actually ranked you number one in everything and added you to number one on google news..? (cyber orgasm?)

    Discuss, flame, derail, and link to good jokes.

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    Wow, massive topic.

    Just one question: would you rather content remain free, or would you willingly pay for quality content?

    For example, quality journalism is expensive. Like us the people who do it like to eat and get paid, and the free content model just doesn't fill their bellies. I have nothing against "citizen journalism", but I don't mind paying for content if it's quality.

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    Just one question: would you rather content remain free, or would you willingly pay for quality content?
    I would rather pay for quality content than waste valuable time lurking through free content.

    Censorship, it would be great to be pass a law to make adult sites totally illegal.
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    Censorship, it would be great to be pass a law to make adult sites totally illegal.
    Why would that be exactly? Because you don't like them perhaps. Well some people hate the Jews. Perhaps we should not allow any Jewish sites either. Or gay sites. Or left wing sites. Perhaps we should just put the 1984 novel into practice now that we've got the technology, see how it all works out.

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    I think of internet as a great open-source information pool. And in my own humble opinion it should remain free. Yes, one may pay for extras (like online games' extra features or adult sites...). Journalists does cost, but one may think of free online newspaper as about form of advertising.
    As for censorship - I risk to be unpopular. It's not so bad as we think. I think the following content should be not allowed:
    1. hate sites. Anything that propagates hate towards others. I I hate squireels or Lithuanians or any living creature - it is not allowed;
    2. nazi, fascist and/or holocaust denial sites;
    3. adult content, unless it comes with with certain extension (*.xxx) and is totally paid (no free xxx material);
    4. any terrorism support or materials about making of explosives, guns and alike;
    5. Ponzi schemes and alike "quick money" scams.
    The web would lose nothing if, for example, all nazi material disappears or porn pictures would be available only if paid for.

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