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    Denmark , Sweden , Japan, Portugal , France dedicated Servers

    I want to get ideas about any dedicated server experience in these countries.
    Denmark , Sweden , Japan, Portugal , France

    please give , price and service quality information and more if you want or can.

    thanks in advance.

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    OVH well known provider in France

    Their Bandwidth good for local usage,If some one going to use international bandwidth they will cap it
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    ovh doesn't cap bw anymore, instead they offer only traffic plans. After you go over your quota the bw is capped at 10mbps until the end of the month. Doesn't matter if the bandwidth is "international". They also offer an unmetered serie which has low priority on their transit links. But if your bandwidth is mainly in EU you should be fine with unmetered.

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    I have never seen providers from certain areas. Perhaps using FIND a HOST option here will drive some new names to you

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    3,807 is in sweden - Don't know about their dedicated, but I've used their tunnel/VPN service and support was pretty quick

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    Quote Originally Posted by quantumphysics View Post is in sweden - Don't know about their dedicated, but I've used their tunnel/VPN service and support was pretty quick
    Beat me to it. I would recommend them also for Sweden.
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