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    Xeon server under 100W

    I'm doing some math here for a colocation project. We need each 1U server to consum less than 100W (220V) or else no more than 0,5A

    I was looking for Dell PowerEdge R410, it offers several processor options.

    Both these have 60W TDP:

    Intel® Xeon® L5520, 2.26Ghz, 8M Cache, 5.86 GT/s QPI, Turbo, HT, 1066MHz Max Mem
    Intel® Xeon® L5506, 2.13Ghz, 4M Cache, 4.86 GT/s QPI, 800MHz Max Mem

    And both these have 80W TDP:

    Intel® Xeon® E5504, 2.0Ghz, 4M Cache, 800MHz Max Mem
    Intel® Xeon® E5502, 1.86Ghz, 4M Cache, 800MHz Max Mem

    I'm thinking of having 4x 1TB HDD's and a 3ware raid controller.

    Do you think it's possible to stay under 100W with this configuration, using the L55xx processors?

    Are these L55xx worthy? Or it's a waste of money?

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    I read this datasheet about R410:

    And it says that 2x Intel L5506 (two procs) would use 129W (idle) or 153W (full load). But such comparison used just 1 HDD.

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    no chance of you building a server with 4 hd's under .5a

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberhouse View Post
    no chance of you building a server with 4 hd's under .5a
    How much W does each HDD use? I read that it was 10W per HDD.

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    The 5520 Nehalem has hyperthreading, so you'll end up with 8 threads, instead of 4 on 5506.

    For DDR3 RAM, you can see around 10W per stick under heavy use. (Not 100% sure on this number)

    Each HDD can also do up to 9W under high load, so I think you may need to push more more power to be safe.
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    I guess each RAM module does 4-5W

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    Each piece of hardware uses different resources. The more you pay the better performing and the less resources it uses or it could be the other way around. Just have to shop around with different brands and products. But I think AMD process use less then intel. But intel has the power when it really needs it in my opinion.
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    Getting under 0.5A per machine is tough. I'd say your best shot at it would be to use an Atom-based configuration, such as one based on a SM SYS-5015A-L. You'd have to compromise on the hard drives and either use two 2.5" or one 3.5", however, and you'd have to go with software RAID.

    If you need multiple machines, have you also considered going with a beefier configuration and virtualizing?
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    for single processor you might be ok under 0.5amp, but not dual.

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    You're not getting 0.5 amps or less on that server - already a dual proc won't allow that.

    Most providers offer 1A standard power, but you can always buy an extra amp if needed.

    Unless you want to go ATOM (they can be set up for 0.5A or less) - there's no real way to get that under 0.5A.

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    Yes, the plan would be using 1 processor.

    Atom is a waste of time and money.

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    You can fully configure the server, specify the load, and see the expected power usage. I've found it to be pretty accurate with my systems.
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by lordcage View Post
    Yes, the plan would be using 1 processor.

    Atom is a waste of time and money.
    the lastest Xeon L3426 lynnfield (45watt TDP; ~$300) CPU
    supermicro X8SIL-F socket 1156 board (w/IPMI+KVM on-board)
    up to 16G (4x 4G) ECC reg DDR3
    4x 3.5" 7200rpm SATA-II (10watt each)
    or 4x 2.5" 7200rpm SATA-II (3watt each)
    or 4x Velociraptor 10000rpm (7watt each)
    3ware or adaptec 4-port HW RAID card
    supermicro SC813MTQ-300CB (4x 3.5" bay) or SC111LT-360CB (4x 2.5" bays)

    even with full load, this Xeon server will be under 1amp/120v.

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