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    Advertising Available - Questions on how to approach potential sponsors


    I run a site which receives 30,000 hits a day from 250,000 unique visitors per month. Traffic keeps increasing every month.

    I've been looking at affiliate ad programmes, and was recently accepted by FastClick, but their ads are inappropriate for my visitors and most of them have frenetic animations that would drive my visitors away!

    What I'd really like to do is provide a more focused campaign with maybe 2-3 advertisers who provide products and services to high school and college students (my main audience). Any site that sells things like books, CDs, DVDs, movies, games, internet access, etc. would be perfect, as would dating services, you name it.

    I put a lot of hands-on work in to my site and have contact with my visitors on a daily basis.

    But I'm inexperienced in approaching a company to ask if they're interested in being a sponsor. How should one approach a company to offer ad space? What's the "going rate"?


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    Wrong forum I believe

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    nope, right forum imho. had he posted this in a non-advertising forum, he would get flamed for advertising in a non-advertising forum =]
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    Wrong forum, or maybe even wrong web site.

    You may want to check out As for your question, I would suggest looking into Commision Junction ( They have a large list of advertisers, and you are able to select the creatives you feel will perform better across your site.

    Best of luck.


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    also check and . Both of these also offer affiliate programs for big name companies. And lastly, don't forget about amazon.


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